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How Quickly Do You Respond To Leads?

Studies by Harvard Business Review, MIT, and Insidesales.com all agree on one thing: the quicker you respond to an online lead, the more likely they will actually become a customer. LifeLead gives you the tools needed to reply to leads as soon as possible.

Auto-Text Back

The power of auto-text back cannot be underestimated, as it enables businesses to respond to leads with lightning speed. Studies show that centers using auto-text back experience a significant improvement in response times, with an average response time of less than one minute, leading to a 900% increase in successful lead qualification compared to slower response times.

Internal Notifications

As soon as a lead comes into LifeLead, users on the app will receive a notification instantly. Simply click on the notification and you will be right inside of the conversation, where you can call or text that lead back instantly.

Text Templates

We have created text templates that are dynamic and will allow you to respond to leads at the click of a button. These templates were developed using the RISE system, and are proven to improve the schedule rate of leads.

Manage Your


  • Full CRM

  • Auto-text back

  • Internal Notifications

  • Scripting Templates

  • Leads from every source

Awesome Words

from our partners

We have over 35 centers across the country using LifeLead. Here's what a few of them have to say:


Executive Director - Maryland

"Having the app is amazing because we don't even have to be in the center!"


Executive Director - Minnesota

"The LifeLead app helps SO much. Even more than I thought it would when I first signed up. We continue to be just so happy to work with you guys!"


Executive Director - New York

"I love it so far. We love the communication with clients!"


Executive Director - Wisconsin

"We really like how convenient the app is; the notifications make it very easy. We can answer within a matter of minutes. We like the ability to communicate with clients. We feel the info is safer and it is definitely better and easier than what we were using. We like the continuity. We love the tech support! Kudos!"


Executive Director - Oklahoma

"Everyone is so relieved to have everything in one spot. The support has been outstanding!

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